Disability History

2.4.1 Historical Review of Paralympics
Sainsbury 's (1998) cited several examples of sports and leisure clubs of people with disability in early 20th century, British society armed player (1932) and the disabled to drive the car club (1922). In fact, the first international organization working for the specific obstacle group and its participation in sports is the establishment of a deaf French, E. Reuben - alcais, in 1924 to support the 6 National Sports Federation for the deaf. SOURDS DES (CISS), the international sports commission. In August 1924, athletes from nine countries participated in the first international match in Paris of silence (Diebold and Gavron. From 1995 to). Now renamed the Deaflympic games. There are summer and winter
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After a period of time, apparently after Dr. Guttman and his remedial gymnasts, quartermaster Q mountain in an empty room to test it has launched a fierce battle, the wheelchair polo. This is considered a very short time later, however, for all concerned, too rough, wheelchair basketball replaced (Scruton, 1964). This later became what we now know as wheelchair basketball. The next movement is introduced into the program in the Guttman DR rehabilitation program in the various areas of play a key role. The sport is an archery. The same, according to Gutmann sports is a strengthening of great value in a very natural way, but the muscles of the upper limb, shoulders and torso, in equilibrium with paraplegia, upright position is determined in (Gutman, 1952). However, it is far more than this. This is a very little exercise, once skilled, the patients with paraplegia can and their non disabled equal competition. This led visits team from stoke Mandeville in recent years some non disabled archery club, which breaks the barriers between the public and patients is very helpful. It is also indicated that once discharged through the local archery club there is a social (Gutmann, 1952). According to Gutmann these experiments is the beginning of the development of competitive sports system for paralysis of medical rehabilitation and return to an indispensable part of, in a country like a form of community sport in England or another play such an important role, in so many people (Gutman, 1976)

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