Disabilities Inventions To Play Sports

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BOOM! CRASH! oh no I think my legs are paralyzed ! I will not be able to play sports anymore! Actually, you can, due to all of the new wheelchair inventions we have enabled physically chal l enged athletes to play sports. There are all kinds of different wheelchairs for differe n t sports including: football, tennis, basketball, hockey, rugby, and more! These wheelchairs also allow disabled athletes to play in tournaments like the Olympics!

All of this is possible because the sports chairs are made of light metals, allowing athletes to move faster and easier. Also, the wheels on the chairs are tilted at an angle which gives them balance for quick,sharp tu r ns and for rugged play.

Many wheelchairs are designed for a specific sport. One example is a rugby wheelchair. They are built to be sturdy, with bumpers at the front,and guards on the sides , and an ti -tip devices so they will hold up to coll is ions fo r protection. Another example is a, racing wheelchair. They are long and sleek to reduce wind drag. There is also a single front wheel that is guided by a steering mechanism which gives extra stability. Do not worry if you do not have enough arm str eng th to steer the wheelchair there
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People have formed tournaments similar to the olympics called the paralympics. It is held every 4 years like the olympics. You can even be on TV.

All of these different kinds of wheelchairs are for one p e rp o us , for helping physically chal l enged people play sports. They have also helped athletes by making them feel as special as other athletes by making a paralympics. Thanks to all of the different wheelchair inventions. There are different kinds of wheelchairs for all kinds of sports like football, archery, rugby, and lots more! You also still go as big as the olympics. These extraordinary wheelchair inventions have enabled so much for disabled

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