What 's That Ugly Thing You 're Wearing On Your Head? Essay

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“What’s that ugly thing you 're wearing on your head? Are you bald?” Today was the first day back from winter break in the fifth grade I stood in line waiting for class to begin. I was nervous and excited because I decided to wear the hijab for the first time to school. That morning before school started I must have changed my outfit about a dozen times everything needed to look perfect. I wore a fuchsia colored blouse with flowers long black skirt and ballerina slippers I was dressed to impress. Today was the day i show everyone at school the new me. I remember from an early age I always wanted to be more like my mother. And one of the things that made me feel more like her was walking around the house wearing her Hijab. But standing in line on that Monday morning I was immediately met with strange looks and mean comments from my classmates, who I thought were my friends. “Why are you wearing that thing? You never wore it before” “that’s ugly” I was dumbfounded at how everyone was reacting. I even tried to ask the teacher for help but she ignored my concerns and dismissed them. I wanted to tell everybody that I was still the same person as before, I just wearing a different piece of clothing. As a child I didn 't understand what the big deal was but, after that day I realize that this would be the first days of many battles with coming to grips with the hijab and how i struggled to fully embrace me wearing it.

During middle school, I went to a predominately white school…

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