What are the main character traits of Oedipus, and show how the traits are used by the god in realizing prophesy

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At the beginning of Oedipus Tyrannus, Oedipus is overly confident, and with good reason. He is notorious for being the one who saved Thebes from the curse of the Sphinx and become king virtually overnight. He announces his name proudly as though it were a healing charm to others by saying "my children, I am here, famous Oedipus." Oedipus acts very swiftly, and he seems to be very confident even through the very end of the play where he calls upon his brother Creon and his mother Tiresias. Oedipus threatens to banish them both from Thebes, and goes into the palace to stab out his own eyes. Then Oedipus demands to Creon that he is to be exiled from the city when he finds out what truly happened to Laius. Throughout the play Oedipus is …show more content…
Throughout the play, the Chorus has been desperate for the plague to end and for stability to be restored to the city.

The chorus goes on to talk about things that were used in Oedipus 's success are now leading into his failure. The chorus does this by focusing mainly on the sexual aspect of his actions like how they both plowed the same "furrows" as each other, which is a metaphor for Oedipus and his father sharing

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