What You Do This Weekend At Improve Your Indiana Lawn & Garden !

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10 Things to do this Weekend to Improve your Indiana Lawn & Garden!

#1 Add more plants: Spring is the perfect time to plant before the heat of the summer rises. Plant more Rhododendrons, Dogwoods, Redbuds and Azeleas. Now that you can see where they 're blooming, go buy more! Don’t know the type? Just pluck-off a bloom if you don 't have the labels of your current varietals and take it to the garden center and find more of the same color! Next spring you will thank me!

#2 Set your mower on the highest setting: Mow the grass at the highest wheel setting. This lifts the blade up. Then, on the driest day of the weekend, since we 've had rain, mow your lawn! When grass is wet it spreads disease. To prevent, disinfect the mower blade with a little bleach and water solution. Unplug the spark plug first so engine won’t accidentally fire.
Why mow at the highest setting you ask? Your lawn looks lusher and it shades out weed seeds that are trying to make their way up towards the sun.

#3 Power-wash your sidewalks: The walkway leading to the door is probably darkened from mildew, power washing will brighten the concrete and the contrast against the lawn and mulch really set the house off and make things pop!

#4 Get the blade on your edger sharpened: Edge your lawn after mowing-do not use the weed whipper whacker whatever thingy! Because when the heat of the summer comes, the edges of your lawn just look like a dry crunchy breadstick, and no one likes that, not one bit.

#5 For…

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