Essay on What Will Be Humanity 's Next Step?

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What will be humanity’s next step? This question has been addressed by every science fiction writer in the genre’s history. The predictions made by these writers in their fiction are usually based upon the current state of politics in the time in which they are writing, with some of the most famous works coming in the time following World War II at the height of the Cold War. Some write of a bright future, where all of the world’s nations have unified into one government and humans have become very technologically advanced and may be expanding out into the dark unknown of outer space. Others write of a more dystopian future complete with some form of nuclear holocaust or governmental corruption. An author’s view as to which of these directions humanity will take can be seen explicitly through story elements and implicitly through tone and themes. Ray Bradbury and Kurt Vonnegut are two science fiction writers that have expressed both of these predictions in their writing. Bradbury articulates his views in “A Sound of Thunder,” a short story, and The Martian Chronicles, a novel. Through these stories, Bradbury includes elements of both good and bad futures. Kurt Vonnegut, perhaps most well known for his historical satire Slaughterhouse-Five, also has something to say about humanity’s future in his short story “Harrison Bergeron” and in his first novel Player Piano. Ray Bradbury’s and Kurt Vonnegut’s stance on the future is expressed through the story elements, tone and themes…

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