What Types Of Psychological Performance Setbacks Are Most Effective For Sports Players?

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Introduction It is 4th down and 15 yard to go with 3 seconds left in the Super Bowl, the red team comes out of the huddle hoping to be victorious. The quarterback looks at the clock and then at his receivers as the pressure is eating him to win the game for his team. He bends down and hikes the football, drops back and sees his receiver in the end zone and launches the ball. The ball has been intercepted! The quarterback choked in crucial game. How did his anxiety impact his performance? In recent years, many sports enthusiast have experience heartbreak by their favorite sports teams or figures. Just recently, as the NBA season has concluded, many Golden State Warriors fans faced heartbreak after the team blew a three to one game series lead against the Cleveland Cavaliers allowing the Cavaliers to become the NBA Champions.
Choking under pressure and anxiety
What types of psychological performance setbacks are most effective for sports players? Choking as a Setbacks Choking under pressure is defined as “performing more poorly than expected given one’s skill level, is thought to occur across diverse task domains where incentives for optimal performance are at a maximum” (Beilock et al., 2004: 584). Beilock and Gray implied that examples of choking have a distinct beginning and end allowing coaches to distinguish when an athlete chokes and when they finish. When an athlete chokes, the athlete’s performance will decline below their expect level of play and then return to…

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