What Reagan Administration Did During The Contra Iran Scandal

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What Reagan administration did during the Contra-Iran Affair was wrong from a political, ethical, and moral standpoint. From a strategic standpoint, there is a different story. In regards to the Iran-Iraq war, the main objective of Reagan’s administration was revealed, which was to lengthen the Iran-Iraq war. The US (along with Israel and its European allies) did not want a powerful Iran under the rule of Islamic Republic. They saw the Islamic Republic of Iran as a force that challenges the interests of the west in the region. The Shah modernized Iran’s military by purchasing large number of weapons and military equipment from the west, particularly from the US. US supported Saddam Husain in order to undermine the influence of Iran in the region by destruction of Iran’s infrastructures, in particular its military capabilities. Saddam was not capable of attacking Iran during the Shah’s regime, knowing the harsh consequences such attack would cost the Iraqis. However, with unanimous support from major world powers (i.e. US and Soviets) and many other countries in the region, he was able to plan an attack on Iran after Islamic Revolution. Saddam was aware of the fact that the west and the Arab countries in the region would support him in the war against Iran. In addition to receiving massive military support before and during the Iran-Iraq war, Iraq received massive financial support from the Arab counties except from Oman (Sultan Qabus) and Syria (Hafez Al-Assad).

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