What Makes The World Go Round? Essays

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I once heard that money is what makes the world go round. If this is true, then I feel that it is vital to gain an understanding of financial systems and decisions that affect everyone. Accounting and finance is right at the centre of business decision-making, so to be at the helm of this exciting prospect, is something that greatly intrigues me, whilst having the opportunity to follow a career path in this exhilarating and divergent profession, is one I am relishing and emboldened by. Understanding the modern monetary system, allows one to understand and possibly influence outcomes that affect the future of society.
I have always liked working with numbers and figures, but until recently I had no idea of where to pursue my career. When my Granddad showed me how he compiled his farming business accounts, it became something that intrigued me: how the financial sector worked and the different roles that are played in making the financial world go round. After doing some research into this, I became interested in accountancy and looked to find some work experience to see if this really was the right career path for me to take. So I completed a work experience placement at Smailes Goldie Group, where I worked with Chartered Accountants and training Chartered Accountants on correspondence reviews, bank reconciliations, financial reporting and auditing. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with them and have been asked by them to apply for a job there. Up to this point, I had been…

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