Essay about What Makes The United States A Desirable Country?

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When first inquired as to what makes the United States a desirable country to live in, a majority of the American people would respond that each hardworking citizen has equal access to educational and employment opportunities. The United States was founded on the basis of equality and has remained so for the most part due to the moral values ingrained in society. However, what most native-born Americans forget is that not all of the supposedly “equal” values translate into reality. The history of this country, while known for consistent advancements in human rights, is riddled with darker memories of slavery and segregation that left lingering stigmas regarding the identity of individuals--especially racial minorities. The stereotypes that still play a role today greatly affect the number of opportunities available to those who fall under it. Despite advances in improving the lives of less privileged groups, inequality still exists in society and the job sector. Minority applicants--taking African American and Hispanic groups for example--have a much harder time impressing employers due to their branded image as an inefficient worker. The avoidance in hiring specific candidates on the basis of race limits them to working less desirable jobs or remaining unemployed. In order for jobs to be reflective of the American dream, policies must be enacted to deter racial bias and improve training, which hopefully results in higher quality workers across the board and elimination of…

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