What Makes An Act Moral? Essay

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Morality. What makes an act moral? The reality is that there is no right answer. Different experiences and cultures an individual would identify with will naturally dictate the moral reasoning they act upon. However, certain situations can only be regarded as either moral or immoral. This is shown primarily through the philosophy of Immanuel Kant. He argued that acts such as killing or lying are never justified and one must uphold that in order to be a moral individual. When Dr. Kevorkian decided to assist his patients in committing suicide he was ultimately responsible for his actions. He was completely responsible for the murder of 130 patients. Not only did he commit acts that are morally wrong, but also contradicted his oath as a physician. In this incident, there was no exception or justifiable reasoning for what Dr. Kevorkian did with his patients. This can be better understood through Kant’s reasoning by acting morally in an absolute manner. It was clear that Dr. Kevorkian had good intentions in helping his patients commit suicide. However his approach to good will was contradictory to what Kant believed as being good will. This is seen through the nature of Dr. Kevorkian’s actions with his patients. Without question, his actions were done outside of what would be considered moral. Although in a way he was helping his patients in ending their suffering he did so in committing the act of murder. He violated Kant’s Moral principle of never committing the act of…

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