What Makes A Person? Essay

2095 Words Nov 28th, 2014 9 Pages
How is one to be considered human when the emotions of feeling happy, sad, mad, or even in love, those feelings, do not exist? That feeling that overwhelms oneself with an uncontrollable amount of anger and remorse when one first hears the news that a close family member, very possibly the one that one loves most, has just passed away. How does one not feel that deep, stabbing pain in the bottom of your heart that is aching for that person to be in your life just one more day? In the counter emotion applying to this aspect, what would life be like without love, without a lifelong partner, without children of your own that one undeniably loves an unconditional amount? Every person deserves to get that sensation that runs through ones body when one realizes they are falling in love. The rush of feelings that engulfs ones body when it is finally time to walk down the aisle. Lastly, how is one considered human when there is no such thing as being a mother or a father and experiencing the birth of ones own children. In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World there is a civilization that is said to be a perfect world, but in this utopia none of these emotions ever existed. The people in this perfect world are completely unaware of what it is like to have feelings for anything or what it is like to have ones own family. All of these feelings and emotions are genetically engineered out of the natural development of every human in this new world. This is done to achieve one simple goal…

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