Essay on What Makes A Person 's General Social Position?

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There are several statuses that make someone who they are but, there is only one that can be the main ingredient in determining a person’s general social position. According to Everett Hughes (1945) Master status – is the most important status that a person occupies, most likely shaping a person’s life. Master status has the biggest impact on a person 's self-identity and appearance to others. People usually organize their life and identify around it depending on the master status in hand it can be a positive or negative status they hold. Being rich or poor is an example one or the other makes a huge impact on someone’s life which include health, education, and life opportunities. Historically the most common master statuses that women hold are related to positions of family which consist of, Mother, daughter, sister, wife, and grand-daughter. Although for men the most common master status is not a position within family it is however his occupation that makes his master status. Even though this is the most common master statues between men/women over the years this has changed today in society a woman’s master statues within the family has dropped where the occupation being more and more common within women’s master status causing some men to obtain the statues of Husband, father, and brother. Someone’s race/ethnicity may also constitute a master status in which a more dominant member single out other members of groups based on real or alleged physical, cultural…

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