What Makes A Good Location? Essay

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In order to start a successful civilization, you must have five things: location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, and region. You must choose a good location because your location will influence the skills and ideas. For example, using the ideas and skills from your neighboring tribe to survive. Next, you have to select the right place so that the physical features that you have will successfully meet your needs. The physical features include having bodies of water, a good climate, great soil quality to grow crops and raise cattle, recourses for trade, and plant and animal life. Also, you must have human-environment reaction so you can grow surplus to feed your people and to use for trade. This may also lead to technology advancement to great lengths such as railroads and canals. Aside from having that, you must acquire seasonal movement into your civilization. For further explanation, in earlier times, people followed herds of deer or buffalo on which they depended on for food. Lastly, the region you choose must be a large part of a civilization. Not only is it important because of physical features, but also for the use of cultural and linguistic opportunities. Without the knowledge of the Indus Valley civilization and Nile Valley civilization, we would not be able to sustain life and meet basic needs without vast complications. The first civilization that has used the five themes and that has successfully changed the ways of life is the Nile…

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