What Makes A Book Stand The Test Of Time Essay examples

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What makes a book stand the test of time, and also remain as a notable perspective within politics; having been written over five-hundred years ago? As for Machiavelli’s The Prince, scholars and politicians continue to find themselves drawing back to many of his perspectives on politics, and the qualities a good ruler. His insights on political leadership has sparked much debate over time, which is exactly why many continue to pursuit an understanding on his viewpoints, and their applications to today 's modern world. Throughout his novel, Machiavelli touches on multiple aspects of different qualities within a prince, and attempts to construct a layout of what is both effective and successful. After reading through the entire piece, the major key insights that became recognizable were the background of fortuna & virtu, human nature, and the importance of distinguishing whether to be feared or loved.
The first chapter presents the reader with the concepts of Fortune and virtue, which become two distinct elements throughout the rest of the book, and their role surrounding a prince. When starting with the origins of a prince, Machiavelli expresses that a principality is either brought about through hereditary means, or through the means of being considered new. A principality that is gained hereditarily, is explained as having fewer difficulties while in power, and also more better compatible with the people. He goes to support these statements by using Italy’s Duke of Ferrara…

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