What Makes A Blanket Be A Metaphor For The World Essay

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I was puzzled at first, but the more I watched I heart Huckabee’s I began to realize that if I would just clear my mind and start all over again maybe I would get a better understanding of the movie. There were a variety of personality traits just flying around in this movie. Tommy presented what Allport considers to be cardinal personality traits. He was allowing characteristics to dominate him and it manipulated his mind, emotions, and demeanor. Albert displayed more of a form of central traits. He displayed some shyness and some conscientious. Brad’s personality was more inconsiderate and callous. The personality assessments and therapy were very comprehensive and yet it puzzled me how they did it. How can a blanket be a metaphor for the world? Maybe I’m not looking at it receptively. The black bag is another metaphor for hypnosis. Having Albert to clear his mind by laying in what seemed like a body bag. Honestly, how can an individual clear his or her mind while laying zipped up a full body bag? I would be going crazy. At one point, it seemed like Vivian and Bernard had only Albert as their client. They followed him around taking notes of what Albert did every day and what issues arisen. There were formal and informal evaluations all throughout this movie. Some of the informal evaluations are the blanket theory, the body bag assessment, and Vivian observes Albert as he goes through his daily routine. Another informal…

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