What Kinds Of Relationships Do You Want Openness And Complete Self Disclosure?

1515 Words Mar 13th, 2015 7 Pages
Lauren Jordan 3/9/15
Midterm, Question 2
Relationships take time to develop and transition from superficial to intimate. While this transition is happening, sometimes a comment can be made, or a fact can be disclosed that makes someone feel uncomfortable because they don’t know the other well enough to reach that level of disclosure. “Let me tell you a story...it involves that guy I met last night….” If you had just met this person and they dove into a story about intimacy between another person, chances are you don’t want to hear about it; too much information. However, if you were best friends with the person, you would probably want all the details. Often times, we are part of conversations that seem too personal or not personal enough. Our relationships can seem too close or too intimate, or not intimate enough. What kinds of relationships do we want openness and complete self-disclosure in? Is there ever a limit in certain types of relationships? Would that limit vary in relationships with men, women, close friends, co-workers, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc.? Applying Communication Privacy Management Theory to various relationships in my life, I will analyze how openness and self-disclosure change between them. Choosing when to disclose information and to whom is something we deal with everyday. “...the question of whether to tell someone something we are thinking is a complicated one, yet it’s one we face frequently in our daily lives” (Turner and West 220).…

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