Essay on What Is Virtue? What Does It Mean?

1368 Words Oct 25th, 2014 null Page
What is virtue? What does it mean to be a virtuous? How does one take the path of virtue and successfully win all the qualities human nature desire? However, definition of virtue is significant for everyone. According to the Oxford dictionary of philosophy, “virtue” is a quality considered morally good or desirable in a person (Oxford dictionary of English, 2014). These qualities include honesty, humble, heroic, kind and other charming traits in a human soul. There are approximately 4200 religions in the world and they all teach us the art of excellence. For instance, Buddhism is one of known religion that commands all their followers to earn supremacy in three virtues consisting belief and self-confidence, humanity and emptiness. But it happens to be that some people have head in the clouds, and easily get distracted from their destination. They should be aware of the surroundings. Since majority of people fails to reach the path of virtue, then what is the whole point of aiming for virtue? So do you think it is wrong for an individual to follow the path? I strongly believe it is meaningful to have such directions for people to know where they stand and what their goals are. I personally believe it is not just a waste of time for a person to stress over the knowledge of virtue because everyone has to struggle to win something in life whether it is knowledge or something concrete object. People have right to have knowledge of excellence, but they should leave it to fate as…

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