What Is Transcendence And Its Effect On Our Life Decisions On How Things Were Throughout The World

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Transcendence is “the experience we have in our religious environment to something objectively greater.” This is our constant desire for something more. Spirituality is “the gap between what we are, what we aspire to be, and what we think our potential is.” This is what ultimately creates the gap. When focusing on this gap, it goes all the way back to the Ancient Greek and the Egyptians. They would begin with a theory and move to praxis, and apply it to their everyday life. Today, the praxis is developed first and then comes the theory. The theory is “how the universe is compared to how things were in the world”. This caused them to forcibly live in conjunction with the theory and live in coincidence with creation. Spirituality can be explained through askesis, which is “the art of living”. We use askesis because we can alter and shape our life decisions on how we chose our spirituality. Through askesis, we use theory and praxis (practice). Praxis is the “idea that our spiritual transcendent life needs to be worked on and it does not come easily.” Praxis requires working on one’s faith through certain religious practices that require discipline and dedication. This is possible because with spirituality, we think of what our full potential should be so we alter our “art” of living by inflicting a theory on our lives and using praxis to try to fulfill the spirituality “gap.” For example a Catholic might want to be less sinful and be a better person; so they use the praxis of…

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