What Is The World Of A Boss Essay

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The World of Bosses
“I need a job!” A job is relevant for many reasons. Jobs provide money that feeds a family and pays bills. Unfortunately a job includes a lot more than just making money. Managers, shift-leaders, and supervisors are a major are just a few disadvantages when it comes to working. Many bosses are not friendly. Bosses have data to record, people to hire, hours to work and people to instruct. Pressure takes over a boss 's life. Although there are bosses who are manipulators, clueless, and never around. In comparison with employees, all bosses want to make money. Money drives people to push the limit.
Many workers have had different experiences with different bosses. Most bosses are classified into one of three categories: manipulator,
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Located in a small town the store that had few customers. Few customers led to no money. No money meant no hours for part-time employees. Hours were awful and so was the management. While working at the store I realized just how unfortunate the life of a manager is. More pay seems nice, but it is never really worth the pressure. The pressure that managers face reflects the attitude they communicate with. During my time working at the store, I experienced a supervisor that was rude and very demanding, which seems normal for a supervisor. However, the attitude she communicated with left me feeling …show more content…
My fellow employees were very rude to the supervisor and I felt bad for her. I did not understand why she allowed her employees to take advantage of sick days, and take frequent breaks without clocking out. My experience was fascinating and I realized my supervisor was not clueless as a person, but as a boss. Leadership was not her strong suit, which is why she now works at a hair salon.
Immediately following the resignation of my fellow clueless boss, and educated boss offered the job. Finally someone who understood their craft. Unfortunately, he knew a little too much about everything. Nosey and haughty was the attitude he gave every time we crossed paths. Whenever there was a problem or mishap he was nowhere to be found (Sighamony). The missing boss was never at the restaurant. When fellow managers called him they would get no answer. Whenever he was asked a question he would ignore employees and disappear. So distant from everything, I wondered how I would ever learn new skills around the restaurant. I knew I had to teach myself everything and do the best I

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