What Is The Theme Of On Dumpster Diving By Lars Eighner

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“On dumpster diving” by lars Eighner and “Working at Wendy’s by Joe Franklin relates with the pride that Eighner found while living a life as a dumpster; the shame and humiliation that Franklin felt while working at Wendy’s. Eighner, who along with his dog Lizbeth went out for dumpster diving found himself in a emotionally stable state while Franklin wasn't in that state because according to his study he did, working at a food court wasn't his area of work but he has no choice as he wanted some work and this job paid him well so that he can support her wife in her attempts.

. Eighner in the beginning uses the word “scavenging” instead of “foraging”. He finds himself as a dumpster diver as cute as he says that “ I [He ]lacks Even the physical
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He is fully confident with work now as he says that people become confident as they passes the different stages. The author even says that people who have everything are wasting the things and don't have vales of the perilous and resourceful things they have but e author knows who to properly make use of that things. The author says that he can use everything that people discard both from the rich and the poor areas therefore he says that “I [ he] has proprietary feeling about my [his] dumpsters.(Eighner, 18). Eighner even found it “sweet to turn up a few dollars in change from a dumpster that just been gone over a wino”. Although he lost scything except his clothes and dog Lizabeth in his dumpster diving, but now he don't want to run after the materialistic things but he just wants “ a healthy state of mind”( Eighner, 22). He is confident, proud and strong for the work he …show more content…
The author says about his father that as “ I [he] imagined he looks around the room to make sure that no one is listening before he says, Wendy’s.( Franklin,33) . He wanted to explain everything to his father who was feeling as same author but he didn't wanted to do so. The author felt very shameful and embarrassed when his neighbour Waymon Hamilton came to he drive -up window of his store. He mostly closed night shift because of his son and even he didn't wanted people mostly his neighbours to notice him working at Wendy's during the day but when at night he saw his neighbours at his store he didn't wanted to make himself notice to hat he was working their because he felt a lot of embarrassment and he did not wanted people to pity on him, but when he saw that “ there was no hit of concern and condolence in their [neighbours] voices and I [ he] appreciated it. At the he feels humiliated yet satisfied with his

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