The Nature Of Crime

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On the other side my opinion about the role of the media, in particular the role of cinema on the public, just got to be more strong and i do have no more doubt of the crucial influence which media and in particular the american medias and cinema directors and producers have on the spectator ( viewer) as well in American society but also internationally. I did the researches, read the books, trying to think in American way, and I suddenly realized, that the influence of the media in the case of racial dispute between white and black americans is crucial and destructive, not only for the representatives this this both races, but on the future development of the american society.

When we take just the information of the one single day, from
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All those questions are my questions for this months and in particular to give my own definition of crime, which can be compared with the my classmates from the « Nature of crime » class.

At the present, my own perception of the crime corresponds with the quote of (The mismeasure of crime », C.J. Mosher and all) and stay my dilemma to resolve: « Under these conditions, our choice of a particular working definition and unambiguous indicator of a concept such as crime becomes more difficult. »


After reading the three first chapters of the Steven F.Messner and R.Rosenfeld « Crime and the american dream » ( 2013, P 8) , I do strongly believe that, we should not neglect the influence of the image of american dream on the society. And that American dream, the way it is designated in the book with the same name, is a part of American way life, announced by the President Obama. In the main time it stimulating role has double face, both the positive the negative one. Quote: « The commitment associated with this cultural ethos have provided the motivational dynamic for economic expansion, extraordinary technological innovation, and high rates of social mobility. But there is a paradoxical quality to the American Dream. The american Dream is a mixed blessing, contributing to both the best and the worst elements of the American character and society. »

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