What Is The Relationship Between People And Nature Essay

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People and Nature
The relationship that humans have had with nature is a complex and one sided. The evolution of tools that we created in the environment has led to more advance technology because of the help of the environment. The most advance of societies have learned to specialize with their natural resources learning do what they do best and trade for rest. Land is an important factor for nations as some wars have been for territory because the more land you control the more resources and power goes to the one that controls the land. The control of land has given countries power in trading which their economy relied upon for example China and their monopoly in silk making and this trade was one of history’s great monopolies that enriched
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China were world pioneers in the use of water in industrial production. They use water to create Silk and not only were they masters of the craft but had a monopoly in the resource. If there was a need for Silk they had to go China and ask for Silk. Water shape trade along the Silk Road because water played an important role to create silk. You need hot water to kill the chrysalis. This enabled them to weave the strands to make soft fabrics . Applying waterpower to the art of silk making made a monopoly and enriched China for centuries. Water created routes that China used to make their economic revolution in transport, agriculture, and industry. The water canal used transformed the densely populated trading area into a single national economic market. Chinese dynasties used water to expand their market . The use of the canal was not only and economic growth but a growth in social …show more content…
Labor was necessary for the production of coal as mechanisms had to be power by workers and also the flows of carbon that are connected chambers beneath the ground to every factory, office, home and transportation depended on steam or electric power. Coal was a necessary resources and without the workers there was no coal production giving coal workers political power in labor. The demands of the workers had to be heard or there would be no coal. Some historic examples would be 1890 the biggest strike in the history of organized labor was launched by the coal miners of England and Wales. An amount of 260,000. In Germany a wave of coal mining strikes in 1889 made Wilhelm II abandon Bismarck’s hard line social policy and support a programme of labour reforms. The strikes were a social movement as coal workers would join in strikes to reach their demands . The world’s natural resources has been a necessary for the growth of a nation it has given them

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