What Is The Purpose Of The Idiot Nation By Michael Moore

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There’s no easy way to say this, but I think you’re an idiot and I have the statistics to back it up! I don’t really think this, but author/director Michal Moore probably does. There’s plenty of things you can say to defend yourself to refute this blunt, insulting statement. However, Michael Moore doesn’t really care. He doesn’t mean to make the most compelling argument; he just wants to incite you, make you think, and entertain. This is clear in almost all of his work including his book, Idiot Nation. In this, he discusses the downward slope of the American public’s knowledge and the poor state of American schooling, which he has no problem completely tearing apart. You truly have to take what he says with a grain of salt. Knowing this, it is important to know what you’re getting into when you read something by Moore, somebody who writes to amuse and provoke. He already has an established credibility as this kind of author and through that he can create a stylistic narrative to achieve his ultimate purpose: …show more content…
His call for societal is helpful in interesting people. The most intrigued people are; the more people will buy your book. The purpose of writing for him is to make reach the National Bestseller’s List. His main purpose as an author/director is to entertain the audience and get them to think about their everyday lives. Which, in a sense, diminishes his credibility as an academic author. Michael Moore fails when you look at his work academically; however, that’s not what he is trying to achieve. To the uninitiated, Moore’s arguments fall flat and he could even be seen as a hypocrite or nonsensical. He advocates for both sides of the political spectrum on the same issue in some cases, rendering his arguments useless. Luckily, this is not his purpose as an author. To somebody who doesn’t quite know who Michael Moore is, it could be hard to understand what points he is trying to convey with his

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