What Is The Minimum Wage Essay

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In the United States, the average minimum wage pay is seven dollars and twenty five cents an hour. A family of four could not even live happily knowing they are only making a little less than thirty thousand a year together before taxes are taken out. A single independent person can live a happy average life while getting paid minimum wage and still purchase little things here and there for their satisfaction. In 1938, two years after President Roosevelt was elected into office, he signed the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Each state has different minimum wage depending either on their population or on the occupation.
History on minimum wage laws Minimum wage laws appeared in the early nineteen hundreds, when a law was passed to set
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It is jobs that offer minimum wage that are usually the are struggling making seven dollars and twenty five cents an hour isn 't all that bad for someone ones who require little to no skill or any type of education to work there. These places are mainly fast food joints and places where food is being prepared. Fast food jobs have been increasing in the last years and more people want to work in restaurant and fast food places because it is easy to get into, they do not need to have any kind of knowledge and sometimes they pay can be pretty good depending on what kind or position you have such as a cook. Minimum wage is only really good if you are a single independent person who does not have a family and not bills to many and if you are a young inexperienced person. An average person who gets paid minimum wage only makes about 14,000 a year or less and that is even before taxes are taken out and depending on how many hours they …show more content…
Such as, minimum wage is good to people who want an easy job but can hurt people because most professional jobs require an education and some time in college and most minimum wage pays come from fast food places. Law offices, doctors, dentist and more require years in college and the pay is well, but now many people are starting to complain and protest that a McDonald worker should make more than an Emergency Medical Responder. An average Medical personnel makes about thirteen dollars an hour and it would be ashamed for a person working for a fast food restaurant to be making more than somebody who works hard every day saving people’s lives and spent many years studying for it to make less than someone who works for a restaurant. If the government keeps raising minimum wage rates, than many young people in our generation will think that they do not need an education or need to go beyond high school education to find a job that pays fifteen dollars an hour because they will know that they can just go to a local fast food restaurant and make their money there. The generations nowadays is more focused on working and making money than finishing high school and going to college. Most people who work in the food industry is

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