Raising Minimum Wage Jobs

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Imagine ordering a value meal at the closest fast food restaurant and upon receiving your food and driving away you notice that your order is wrong. More often than not the customer is going to be upset or frustrated and storm back inside to fix the problem. This happens quite frequently, maybe not to everyone, but regardless it happens too much. A majority of minimum wage jobs do not require many skills, and in return the hourly pay is smaller and not as attractive. According to the United States Department of Labor, the federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour and this obtained under the “Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)” this rate has been effective since July 24th of 2009. States including: D.C., Maryland, Rhode Island, Seattle and Delaware …show more content…
According to Monique Valcour, author at The Harvard Business Review, “Once dignity is assaulted, a downward spiral is often set in motion. Employees may respond by reducing their effort”. Many people work very hard to get to the positions that they want at their job. In order for this to happen an individual would need to first get their foot in the door. This sometimes meaning that their hourly pay is very small because of the fact that they are not qualified and need training and such. They know this before accepting that job. If they have the drive to succeed they will take the necessary steps it takes to earn a higher wage. When raising the minimum wage to an outrageous and non-realistic amount, less qualified people do not have the opportunity to start somewhere where another individual spent numerous amounts of time and hard work to reach. This hurts people’s dignity in the sense that they feel like if they would have just waited and did not try as hard they would be at this “living wage.” Social class is a big part of America and how it has been built. People get put into a certain class, based on their income, it has been like this for ages. There is nothing wrong with this at all. If individuals work hard and have a drive to be successful then there is nothing stopping them, if there is a will there is a way. Raising the …show more content…
This is true in some cases, but there is a much bigger picture to see. Instead of raising the minimum wage we should invest more money into an individual’s education or training at work so that they have the skills and necessary resources to reach a higher wage. If our society were better educated and better trained in what they do and in the workplace, then people would be able to lift themselves out of poverty instead of someone carrying them out. It sounds rude and misleading but more often than not people dig themselves a hole and cannot get themselves out and expect someone else to carry them out. There needs to be guidelines and other ways to get out of these holes instead of just receiving handouts. Raising the minimum wage would lead to more handouts that have not been earned, thus leading to more problems for

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