The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Character Analysis

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Christopher is the main character and the narrator of this book. He is a strange-behaviour boy who has autism, because of that he always thinks about things others are not interested in, also, he can’t understand the social situation. He lives in his own world. For me, I think Christopher’s character is fit for this story, some things he does are really absurd, however, that’s a way to express the distinctive world in his mind. Challenging, responsible, cruel, those three words are my impression of Ed, Christopher’s father. He is responsible because when his life had suffered a big change, he never neglected his son and always tried giving his kid a comfortable life. Actually, I don’t think Ed is a caring person in the book, however,
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The story begins with Christopher found his neighbour, Mrs.Shears’ dog was dead with a garden fork. Then Christopher decided to discover the truth and write a book about it. However, his dad prohibits him all the time, he consists reveal what really happens. Gradually, he found things are not as straightforward as he thought. One day when he opens a box in dad’s bedroom all, the secret is no longer a secret, the truth is left over cruelty. Mum didn’t die as his father had told him, she is still alive and sends the letters to him, though these letters are all hidden by his father. Unanticipated his father is the murderer,he killed the dog just because he thinks that Mrs.Shear pay more attention to a dog instead of him. Christopher was frightened afterward he turns to find his mum in London. After the father's explanation, finally the family together again. This book turns into a mystery novel, in fact, more about a family about love. When you look at Christopher grow little by little and gradually become courageous, accept new things, overcome his flaws, I couldn’t describe how it touched me. In general, this book is suitable for the

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