What Is Subjective Well Being? Essay

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What is Subjective Well-Being?

Psychologists have been studying subjective well-being (SWB) for decades, but mostly in developed countries, especially the United States. However, there is little information of SWB in developing countries, especially Sub-Saharan Africa. There is an increasing studies showing that that material goods do not necessarily increase or cause happiness. A study conducted from Brickman, Coates and Janoff-Bulman (1978) shows that lottery winners were not significantly happier than the control group (sample that lived approximately in the same area of the city as the lottery winners) and it showed that increase in income did not cause a change in the happiness of lottery winners. This notion of well-being exceeding material resources is increasing in the research on SWB and put more emphasis on the subjective component of well-being regarding studies on the quality of life (Widgery 1982, 2004; Campbell et al. 1976; Andrews and Withey 1976; Bradburn 1969). Also, research on SWB is increasing because findings from SWB studies can be used to policy discussions and to minimize social exclusion. For example, in November of 2010, the British government stated that in addition to using traditional data like income levels, and violent crimes to report national accounts, it would also start measuring national happiness. Despite the increase in research of SWB and its acceptance as a valuable instrument for assessing the quality of life at the micro level, the…

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