What Is Structural Violence In Essay

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Immigrants move to other places to seek work or even a better life than what they living in now. They usually move because their country or surroundings are not efficient for them or kids. Parents make an big decision about migrating to other countries because of the strenuous paths to other countries. When migrants make it to destination, usually they find work in the strenuous places because they do not have documentation telling whether they are a citizen of that country or not. This is an example of structural violence. For example, the Triqui people picks strawberries to try to make a better living, but this comes with harsh pains, mental sickness, and suffering which builds up over time. The word suffering indicates a lot of
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There is not enough work to go around for everybody in the community. One person said: the necessities to live the everyday life do not add up to the wages they receive. Then, the child has to work also to help the parents make ends meet; while they should in school getting educated. Oaxaca’s economic depression is linked to NAFTA originated in the United States and unequal economic practices with colonialist roots in Mexico. Even though moving around helps saves money for the people of Oaxaca but they fear of being homeless, being identified, and losing connections with their relatives, and loss of helpful studies for their children. This shows another example of structural violence.
Many people migrate from their country because of political violence, own race inequality, and no structural guidance. This usually takes place in countries that is less
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Right here, such a pain, and it goes up. It jumps and jumps like chords jumping, like this, like this. I wake up and my stomach hurts, ay! It gets hard like this bench is hard. So I mash my stomach with a soda bottle. I mash, mash, mash here, mash here. And it helps a little. But, ay! I can not stand it. I can not eat! Nothing! Each time I eat it hurts, but it hurts. But I hold out. I hold out until work is over” (105-106). This quote comes from a man named Bernado. He have been working in the fields for quite some time. He has endured a lot of pain trying to make a better living for himself and his family. He says “this pain have been hurting for eight years and counting and know it only going to get worse”. Every day on the job, he experienced brutal comments and physical confrontation from the supervisors. The job is always demanding of their workers so they treat them harsh and cruel to receive ample product for their customers. Mr. Bernado says in his quote that “ it hurts right here”. He tells them that the pain hurts in his abdomen but he has to fight through the pain to keep from showing emotions. He says that his stomach gets hard like a bench and uses a soda bottle to mash his stomach to ease the pain.
Discussion Question
How does the Triqui people better their life without going through so much hardship? Can they better their lives without without facing so much

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