What Is Rape Culture? Essay

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What is rape culture? According to Women Against Violence Against Woman “rape culture is a term that was coined by feminist in the United States in the 1070’s. It was designed to show the ways in which society blamed victims of sexual assault and normalized sexual violence.” (WAVAW 2016)
Many of us in today’s society have experienced rape culture in some form. I know many women who are just on this campus that been sexually harassed online and in the hallways. When a woman says no it means no but in today’s culture many have gotten it in their head that no means yes or try harder. We are taught by our parents that instead of standing up for ourselves and dressing how we want that we need to be worried about how it might affect boys and that they can’t pay attention if our knee is showing, to which girls apparently need to wear sweatpants everywhere they go so that they are not a distraction. We have also experienced it in the way of “if you report that (insert name) raped/sexually assaulted you, you will ruin their life.” The populous for some reason thinks that being sexually assaulted is no big deal and if you don’t tell then it will magically be okay. So what we learn the more we look into it is that rape culture has NO gender. I’m sure we have all heard that the boy who assaulted by his older female teacher or some other position of some authority is “lucky” “he should be glad that she would sleep with him” and “it wasn’t assault because he had an erection.” To look more…

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