What Is Gum Graft Surgery? Essay

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What is Gum Graft Surgery?

What is a gum graft and why might one be needed? The initial thought of having a gum graft performed can be enough to cause some stress. However, worry not, if you need a gum graft, it is a simple procedure performed in your dentist’s office. In all honesty, it sounds worse than it actually is. If you need to have a gum graft performed, or are considering one, clearing the air of what it actually is and why it is needed may help alleviate some of your fears.

A gum graft is often used to correct the problem of receding gums in order to protect your teeth from harmful oral bacteria that can destroy teeth. Once your gums heal, not only will your tooth roots be better protected, but the appearance of your smile will improve as well.

What Causes Receding Gums?

Receding gums, or gums that pull away from the teeth and form pockets where bacteria can hide, can be caused by a number of other oral, and other health concerns.

•Periodontal Disease


•Aggressive Tooth Brushing

•Insufficient Dental Maintenance

•Hormonal Changes

•Tobacco Use

•Tooth Grinding and Clenching

•Crooked Teeth or a Misaligned Bite

•Lip or Tongue Piercing

While no one savors the idea of gum disease, that doesn’t prevent it from occurring in some people. Periodontal disease, such as gingivitis and periodontitis, are caused by oral bacteria that infects the gums and causes them to become red and inflamed. Over time, gum disease has the potential to destroy…

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