What Is Facial Recognition, And What Does It Do? Essay

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What is Facial Recognition, and What Does It Do?
Facial recognition is under the category of biometrics. Biometrics is a wide-
Ranging technology. It measures people 's traits like faces and body movements. It is
Surprising how facial recognition works. There are a lot of software and companies that
Specialize in facial recognition. In Safran Morpho, they work with the FBI to do facial
Recognition. Facial recognition captures the face on the camera--its nose, bones,
And structure. The law enforcement agent then puts it in a database and compares it to
Others in their database to find if the suspect matches the described. “This biometric
System has been widely, and perhaps wildly, recognized as a fantastic system for
Recognizing potential threats (terrorists, scam artists, and known criminals). However, so
Far, it has not seen wide acceptance in high-level usage. It is projected that biometric
Facial recognition technology will soon overtake fingerprint biometrics as the most
Popular form of user authentication.” (Section Technology para 1) For law
Enforcement agents and people who work within the criminal justice system, facial
Recognition technology can help make their jobs easier. This could be a game changer for the criminal justice system in the future. Despite the potential usefulness of facial recognition, some people question how a person can be arrested or convicted based on facial recognition. David Faigman, an expert on scientific evidence at Hastings College of…

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