What Is Anna Thompson Is Most Likely Suffering From Major Depressive Disorder?

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Anna Thompson is most likely suffering from major depressive disorder (MDD). As a sixteen year old African American, Anna was forced to move away from her father and brother to a new location where she started school. Her parents had just recently divorced, and although she was close with her brother and father, her mother would not let her speak nor see them. Anna claims this was ‘traumatic’ for her, especially with the holiday season coming up as she ‘terribly missed them’.
Anna was committed to the psychiatric unit after her mother caught her bleeding from her wrists at home. Although denying she had actually tried to commit suicide, Anna’s mother thought it would be best to have her in the hospital short term in order to talk to a psychiatrist.
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Her parents recently got divorced, and by the details her mother gave it was most likely very messy. Anna’s father seems to have abused alcohol. This could have hidden the fact that he also had MDD, and by using the biological paradigm Anna could be at a greater risk for developing the disorder if her father had it too, especially since they were so close. Her mother finally took Anna away when she caught him leaning over Anna as she slept. Mrs. Thompson seems to think that Anna’s father may have sexually abused her, which could have caused the MDD as well. Previous childhood trauma due to this could be another reason Anna developed the disorder, and by tearing Anna away from her father her mother may have caused some harm, setting on the depression. One British medical journal states that “... there was a strong correlation between women who were severely sexually abused — attempted or actual penetration by a perpetrator — and women who were depressed”, especially before the age of sixteen (Effects, 2013). However, Anna denies this, and with no other evidence we cannot conclude that this is the reason for the depressive disorder. Anna states that she was very close with her brother and father, while Anna’s mother says that her son was also unruly and much like her father. Due to Anna’s close relationship with them, tearing her away and not …show more content…
With his alcohol abuse and possible sexual advances towards Anna, her father increases the chances that Anna will develop depressive disorders, especially if she is constantly around him. Anna claims to miss her brother and father greatly as they were very close. However, from the evidence stated by Mrs. Thompson, it seems that Anna’s father and brother were risk factors for Anna rather than protective ones, especially if she was being sexually abused. Due to the fact that she does not have her brother and father, Anna’s lack of friends is also a risk factor as she has no one to talk too or do things with on a daily basis, especially if her mother is busy with work. Going forward, Anna will need more protective factors, most importantly a confidant, who she can talk too about how she is feeling and who will get her to do activities, preventing her from staying inside all day. Forming new relationships is the key in getting Anna to overcome her

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