What I Know About Anxiety Essay

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Section 1: What I know, What I want to Know
Prior to my research, I knew that anxiety had to be more than just a side effect of thinking too much or it “all being in your head”. From personal experience, I knew that anxiety was something that was not easy to deal with, and that there had to be other people out there who have similar symptoms as I do. Also, I knew that anxiety triggers something in an individual’s brain that lead to self-defense because I had taken a health science class my freshman year. My moderate exposure to mental disorders did not lead me to researching the topic of anxiety, my personal experiences did.
It was never that I wanted to be afraid, it was just all that I felt at the time, it was all my mind would think about. I wanted to escape so bad, but I was entirely too scared to stay, I was filled with panic and terror, and I knew that they were going to win every time if I had not left the situation.
I felt the air escaping my lungs as I rode in the back of the bus, I would stand up to see if I could flee the situation. At times when I was unable I could feel my chest swelling, palms sweating, heart racing, and adrenaline pumping; I was scared for my life. I was scared that I was not going to survive, until l I got away from everyone and everything. Living became so hard, breathing became more necessary, and panic was all that was on my mind. I was being strangled by my demons, my chest was being mangled by my fears, and I was a victim of it all.…

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