Essay about What I Have Been A Nomad Since Birth

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I have been a nomad since birth. My family and I have moved from one place to another to escape poverty and war in our home country. We had recently lost my father to the civil war and my mother escaped Ethiopia in fear for the lives of the rest of the family. With the war progressing, we moved to the slums of Nairobi, Kenya in an effort to seek asylum. We dreamed of life away from war and famine, seeking aid in neighboring countries in pursuit of eventually arriving in America. We stayed in Kenya for another 8 years and eventually migrated to America. Transitioning to America, I had cultural shock. I struggled with understanding where I fit. The move to America made me feel isolated; I was completely away from a place I once called home. Assimilating was the hardest thing because I felt as though it stripped me of my culture and with it my identity. It would take years for me to realize that assimilating would strengthen my culture and my identity.
Having the last name Hussein and identifying as a Muslim didn 't make my transition any easier. When I lived in Kenya, there were many others who shared that same last name. It was different in America. The first day of my seventh grade year of middle school made me conscious of where I stood on the American spectrum. Up until that point, I felt partly American. At the time I was very much assimilating, even wearing Jordan sneakers like the rest of my classmates. On that same first day, I was called “Saddam Hussein’s brother”.…

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