What Holds Society 's Social Structure Together? Essay

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What holds society’s social structure together? Man-made and ever-evolving institutions such as race, laws, gender, practices, and religion are foundational in human social life. Cathy Davidson analyzes the educational institution structure and call for transformation in her essay Project Classroom Makeover; she discusses how the customs of educating students impacts their future skillsets and current attitudes and also critiques the outdated hierarchical classroom paradigm for obstructing students from reaching their brightest potentials. Furthermore, Karen Armstrong in her selection Homo Religiosus writes about ancient through modern eastern religious practices and reflects on their cultural purposes and significance in human social life. At their peak through standardizing norms and expectations, institutions advance the human welfare by generating feelings of identity, security, and higher states of consciousness. However, systemic norms discourage individuals from diverging from and challenging the institution, which represses progressive institutional change until a greater societal need transforms the institution.
Institutions are frameworks that encompass human social norms and vehicles of uplifting individual’s perception of existence. Religion is an ancient practice of reaching these ends; in its modern form it is emotional practices that define what it is to be human and guide individuals towards developing a sense of identity in their lifetime. Karen Armstrong…

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