What Harm Can Social Media Bring? Essay example

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What Harm Can Social Media Bring? Social Media is used in every aspect of the average American’s life, to include business, personal, or even religious purposes. The use of social media has been around for years, starting with such companies as AOL and has increased over the years. In 2004, the face of social media changed with the creation of Facebook and just a few years after going public in 2006 the use of social media has expanded to other companies such as Twitter, and Instagram. With the companies beginning to merge and adjust to smartphones the apps created become an important part of life to be "socially accepted". As seen in many companies and also public institutions utilize the use of social media to better themselves, but what impacts is social media having in the workplace or public institutions? When discussing social media it is important for companies and institutions to consider the effects on social skills, a limitation and loss of privacy, and the use of social media leading to a lack of productivity. Are social skills important while pursing a career or when studying to receive a degree? What if there was no face-to-face contact with your friends or coworkers? One study talks about the usage of Facebook while attending college and what kind of effect it would have on the students. The study focused on how the use of social media would impact a student’s achievement, either increasing with the use or decreasing and also how the relationship with…

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