What Ethical Challenges Face Managers Of Multinational Corporations ( Mncs )?

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1. What ethical challenges face managers of multinational corporations (MNCs)? There are a few ethical challenges that face managers of MNCs. One ethical challenge that faces manager of MNCs is difference in pay between employees in the host and home country. A manager of MNC will hire an expatriate employee from his home country and pay them relatively higher then someone from their host country, even though they are doing the job. Another ethical challenge that MNC will try to influence the government of that country to its favor, which I feel is ethically wrong. Another ethical challenge is when managers of MNCs operate in a foreign country where bribery and gift giving are a social norm for expeditious business dealings and favorable business terms. In order for their business to be prosperous, they have to partake in such activity which might be unethical in their host country.
2. Explain cultural relativism as a moral theory. How, according to Bowie, might a person question cultural relativism? Explain what Bowie calls the “morality of the marketplace.” What does this morality entail for the practice of bribery?
Cultural relativism, as a moral theory, states that there is no moral validity between cultures. Morality in the marketplace, according to Bowie, are those moral norms that multinational corporations or business executives are obligated to follow for the existence of that society in which they operate. Morality entails that the practice of bribery is wrong.…

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