What Does The Word Rape Culture? Essay

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Obama defines rape culture as, “[a] culture that normalizes, trivializes, and quietly condones male sexual assault against women, blaming victims while subtly celebrating male predators” (Wilhelm). It’s all about the hype of the word rape culture. It’s seeped into the conscious minds of our supple brains. And, “once it’s settled in, it’s hard to pry it out,” or so Wilhelm admits. She also says that the one in five statistic is entirely false, as said by several other sources. “Speaking of culture, what does it say about ours when such clearly preposterous statistics are so easily believed?” Wilhelm proclaims while referring to the one in five statistic. This question was used to make readers stop, and consider what she is claiming; essentially urging readers to discredit any of the statistics they once believed to be true before reading her article. In the new age of technology, it is easy to surrender to phony statistics, and this could be effecting how people view rape as well. For instance, if someone wanted to know how many false rape allegations there were every year, they might seek out a number that would verify their beliefs. Nonetheless, not everything on the internet is true, but there is no denying that rape is influenced from cultural attitudes.
One of the most notable aspects of Wilhelm’s article is her language. As stated before, she starts with a quote from Obama and his stance on the rape epidemic in this country. This is geared to entice readers to her…

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