Essay on What Does The Word Language?

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Wat maak jy? Right now, you are probably thinking that I forgot to use spell check, but the reality is that this is another language. The language is called Afrikaans, and it is a language that I can speak little but understand quite a lot of. This phrase in a literal translation means “what make you?” in a proper sentence it would say “What are you doing?” I plan to show how through personal experience how speaking and being submerged into two different languages can change the way you can see and interact with the world. In this paper I will go over a few topics that will give a basic understanding of language, such as what language its self is, and what nonverbal communication does for us when we are communicating with others. First things first, what does the word language even mean? Kory Floyd (2011) defines language as “a structured system of symbols used for communicating meaning” (p. 144). The word symbols is an important term in this definition that must be understood to understand my story later on. This word mean that in our language and any other language “each word represents a particular object or idea, but it does not constitute the object of idea itself” (Floyd, 2011, p. 145). This means the order of letters in one language may make complete sense to us, but when we look at those same letters in another order, they make sense to someone who speaks that language. This change in words and letters shows that language is a fluid and arbitrary constant in our…

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