What Does The Knower 's Reliability Shape The Pursuit For Shared Knowledge?

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Yes, I agree that the knowers’s perspective is important in the search of shared knowledge until a point where emotion and reason are creating a bias on your perspective. In that, a knower’s perspective regards the individuals personal knowledge. The pursuit of knowledge regards how the individual gains/seeks shared knowledge. So to what extent does the knower’s reliability shape the pursuit for shared knowledge? Religion is typically a devotion thing creating emotion. Natural Science however was based off of scientists reasons causing a bias. And Mathematics which is based off of facts and being named an universal language. In the religion of Islam for example, Muslims are to live off the the moral principles of the five pillars, the Quran, and the Hadith (Prophet Teachings). Having to devote your life around these principles creates a barrier between the gained knowledge of the knower. Since an emotional response can alter the reliability of an individual’s perspective for gaining the shared knowledge. For example, a Muslim woman practices Islam and follows all the moral principles. Meaning that her personal knowledge is shaped by her devotion to Allah. She has acquired a strong emotional attachment through practicing. Thus, whenever this woman gains any shared knowledge from other perspectives she has to ponder how this new information will effect her moral principles. To what extent does the emotion of empathy play a role in the gaining of shared knowledge? Meaning that…

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