What Does The Declaration Of Independence Mean By The Freedom Of Speech?

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What does the Declaration of Independence mean by the Freedom of speech? You probably use this right as an American citizen every day, but there is a difference between the freedom of speech and the freedom of thought. Jarome Lawrence’s book Inherit The Wind discusses how unpopular opinions are punishable by law and there is no room for science in a world of god. The unsettling thought that one is pressured to share the same opinions as others in fear of persecution on a personal or legal level. There is no room for opinions in the bible and the majority always win. Everyone has an opinion, but speaking your mind can lead to undesirable consequences.
The events that take place in Inherit The Wind Is based on the events of Scopes V. Tennessee in 1925. Scopes was found in violation of the Butler Act, a law that prohibited the teaching of anything besides the ideals of Cristian based creationism stated in Genesis of the Bible. The trail grew attention across the entire nation because during this time there was an establishment of Cristian Fundamentalism within the southern region of the United States and a new emergence of Theological Liberalism and Cultural Modernism. The basis of Cristian Fundamentalism was an act to preserve the practice of Christian faith in an era of changing times. The world witnessed its first world war; a war that many people saw was the beginning of the end of times which people interpreted what is stated in Revelations of the Bible. The Christian…

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