Essay about What Does Scout Kill A Mockingbird?

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She wants to run away with Dill and live the rest of her life with him but in reality, that is not always a possibility. Scout also has an issue with not seeing the difference between good and bad people when “[she] [breaks] away from Jem and [runs] as fast as [she] [can] to Atticus” (Lee 202). She thinks that the people Atticus is speaking to are gathered for a friendly chat when they are not. She does not comprehend that society has evil in its roots because her mind is clouded by the illusion of a perfect, peaceful community. Scout believes that everyone is treated with equality, so she is shocked when Mayella thinks Atticus is insulting her he says ma’am. After Scout hears Mayella question Atticus, “[she] [wonders] if anybody [has] called her ‘ma’am’ or ‘Miss Mayella’ in her life” (Lee 244). Scout’s eyes are opened when she witnesses this because she is so accustom to everyone living with manners and camaraderie. Although Scout goes through many changes as she matures through the novel, Jem goes through many changes as well. As Jem grows up from a boy to a young man he is forced to change his viewpoints and the way he lives his life. Bernard talks about Jem growing up when he writes, “Jem becomes a young man, he is forced to reevaluate many of his childhood perspectives” (Bernard 66). He is explaining that Jem has to move on from many of his childish viewpoints such as Boo Radley. This is supported by Jones when he says “for the disillusioned Jem, there is no…

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