What Does Puritan Symbolism In The Scarlet Letter

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In this quote, Hawthorne uses symbolism to convey the differences between Puritanism and nature. The prison, which is ugly and overgrown with weeds, represents Puritanism as cold and unforgiving. A metaphor also describes the prison as a black flower of society. Black represents sin, and the prison is a black flower because it feeds on sin. In stark contrast, the beautiful rose-bush embodies the forgiving demeanor of nature. Prisons punish sin, while nature forgives sin.
This quote is an allusion to Ann Hutchinson, a woman who opposed many Puritan ideas and was eventually banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. By indicating that the rose-bush may have originated from Ann Hutchinson’s footsteps, Hawthorne compares Hutchinson to nature
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Because Hester is so helpful, the letter comes to symbolize her strength. However, this also proves the hypocritism of the Puritans. They change the meaning of the letter as their opinion of her changes.
In this metaphor, Roger Chillingworth refers to his revenge on Dimmesdale as a black flower. In the beginning of the story, the author compares the prison to a black flower because it feeds on sin. In the same way, Chillingworth acquires his energy from torturing Dimmesdale.
Hawthorne applies a clever metaphor in Pearl’s dialogue. The sunshine she speaks of symbolizes happiness. Pearl recognizes that the meaning of the Scarlet Letter does not allow Hester to be happy. However, Pearl is not restricted by anything, and is free to catch or obtain happiness.
Dimmesdale’s words relate to one of the prominent themes of the story. Because he hides his sin, his guilt makes him suffer, and he wishes he could have revealed his sin earlier.
Hawthorne uses personification to illustrate Pearl’s character. In this passage, the flowers tell Pearl to decorate herself with them, because they identify her wild nature. The townspeople do not accept her because to them, she is a product of sin. Conversely, nature accepts

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