What Does It Mean You Be An American? Essay

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What does it mean to be an American? Millions of people migrate into the United States of America in order to achieve their dream and earn the name of an American. People leave their old home to start a new life in the United States. Even people who are considered Americans try to achieve their American dream by any means necessary. In "What is an American?", de Crevecoeur states "What then is the American, this new man? He is either an European, or the descendant of an European, hence that strange mixture of blood, which you will find in no other country. I could point out to you a family whose grandfather was an englishman, whose wife was Dutch, whose son married a french woman, and whose present four sons have now four wives of different nations. He is an American" (de Crevecoeur 223). This explains that not all Americans are suppose to be native to the United States of America in order to be considered an American. And that those who are not native make great sacrifices to complete their trip to America. A true American is anyone that does not have to be native to America but has the right reasons to live in the United States, wants to reach their own American Dream, has sacrificed a lot to become a true American, and has a deep desire to to achieve the title "American." Many people come to America for their own reasons, mostly for a greater and better life. People come to live in America for an American Dream, which they define it has having material things like a…

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