Essay about What Does It Mean For Work Till Your Last Breath?

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What is the definition of slavery to you? What does it mean to work till your last breath? By definition a slave is property of another human being, which they have to obey to their every order. Someone who has been forced, beat, owned throughout their life or even worse until they die. In 1750 a man named Gottlieb Mittelberger served as a indentured slave. An indentured servant is when one human being owns another human being but the person that is owned can own property but could not engage in trade. At times of marriage the servant(s) required the master 's permission. Runaway servants were hunted down and punished and beat for their "wrongful" actions (Tindall, Shi 116). Many servants died because of over excessive work, out in the fields. While on the voyage many died from the infectious diseases caused by the other servant 's waste and or vomit, due to very little space and very little movement the servants were forced to "take care of business" right then and there. Which eventually lead many to die from the horrid smells and or vomit which also caused others to catch diseases. Or even sometimes if they were caught doing something wrong or caught trying to runaway they were beat until death. Soon this would end due to their contracts expiring within 4 to 7 years. (Tindall, Shi 116). The voyage of the indentured servants from Rotterdam and Amsterdam to Pennsylvania was a rough and agonizing passage, based on Gottlieb Mittelberger 's life as a indentured servant back…

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