Essay about What Does A Citizen Of The United States Entitle?

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What does a citizen of the United States entitle? What duties do citizens have? Who is entitled to citizenship? There is no definitive answer to these questions because the meaning of citizenship and its entitlements have been changing over time. These changes have been caused by the influence of domestic and foreign actions taken by the leaders and/or citizens. These kind of impacts affect government decisions and therefore policies the government makes. Decisions that the government takes affects the lives of the citizens. Throughout history we see how political participation, representation and inclusiveness has changed through different eras. For example, the independence of the United States from Britain, the civil rights movement and events like September 11th. Citizens affected by all of this later embody their concerns through civic, political, and service organizations. The right and duties of a citizen will always be questioned because there will always be situations that affect the public.
Civil unrest triggered by the King of England and the British parliament’s authority over the colonies was inevitable. The monarchy, like any other monarchy, held most of the power in Great Britain. So naturally the King and the parliament decided what the people in Britain and in the colonies could and could not do. He indirectly governed the colonies through colonial governors who were appointed usually by himself (Thomas 9). Many riots and rebellions broke out in the…

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