What Do You Know About Game Wardens? Essay

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What do you know about game wardens? Most people do not know what game wardens are, but people should be aware of who they are because they play a major role in law. Game wardens are important because they enforce hunting, fishing, and trapping law, and they do conservation. They also teach hunter education courses. One of the main things that game wardens do is enforce laws. The game wardens have the authority as a local Sheriff to arrest them. This means that they can arrest them for driving under the influence (D.U.I.) or driving while impaired (D.W.I.)
(“Recent”) (“Taylor”). In some cases they have more power than police officers; they can search a person or a vehicle without a warrant. If they suspect or find anything that is a violation you can lose your car, gun, and you can go to jail, and it will cost you thousands of dollars (“Taylor”). Game wardens can enforce laws in every state, and they can enforce other laws. According to Texas Parks and Wildlife code, game wardens have the same powers, privileges and immunities as peace officers (“Taylor”). Another area that game wardens has authority is search and seize without a warrant. In some states game wardens can inspect location and vehicles if they suspect any wildlife violations (“6 Interesting”). Game wardens also work with others to stop D.U.I. Game wardens work with state and local law enforcement officers by land and sea during memorial weekend with the “On the Road, On the Water, Don’t Drink and…

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