Essay about What Do The Experts Say?

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The research I conducted was based on a 27 year old stroke victim *Lisa Smith, who experienced a stroke 3 years ago. She was diagnosed with Aphasia at the onset of her stroke and has made some incredible recovery in her language ability’s over the years (Personal communication, November 15, 2016). For this paper, I was able to conduct a descriptive interview from Lisa, with the help from Lisa’s mother, *Michelle Smith via Facetime. In this instance, Lisa suffers from an acquired language disorder with a known etiology. I was fortunate to be able to gain insight on the types of speech therapy Lisa has gone through, various treatments, and her perspective on quality of life. Her experience relates to existing studies on patients with Aphasia, however, an experience with this type of language disorder is unique to the individual.

What do the Experts Say?

According to the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (, aphasia is an acquired language disorder, this means that a patient once had normal language abilities. The type of aphasia is a result of a specific area of brain damage, typically shown in the left hemisphere (McGowan, 2012). Strokes are found to be the most common cause of aphasia, defined by a lack of blood supply to the brain resulting in damage to brain cells. Other known causes of aphasia are damage from tumors, traumatic brain injuries and neurological disorders (Engelter, Gostynski, Papa, Frei, Born, Gutzwiller and Lyrer,…

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