What Did The Narrator Initially Go To India And What Did He Find There?

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Chapters 1-14
1) For what did the narrator initially go to India, and what did he find there?
The author’s decided to go to India because his last book did not sell well. He wanted to write a new book set in Portugal when he stumbled upon a man named Francis Adirubasamy. Mr. Adirubasamy told the author that he has a story that will make him believe in God and also told him about Pi.
2) Discuss Pi’s life in Canada. Did he initially adjust well to his new home?
Pi narrated his experience when he first set foot on an Indian restaurant in Canada. People criticized him when he unconsciously used his fingers to eat. After that incident, he adjusted well to his new home. He studied in University of Toronto with double-major Bachelor’s degree in Religious
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His name became popular in his school in which people intentionally pronounce it as “pissing” because it almost sounds as if he was “pissing”. He got tired being bullied all the time because of his name so he decided to redeem himself when he entered his new school. He introduced himself differently by writing 3.14 or the symbol π to the board class after class. Because of his unusual way of introducing himself, people quickly adapt to his new nickname and he was reborn as Pi Patel.
6) In what ways does Pi describe “Man” as the most dangerous animals in the zoo?
Pi describes “Man” as the most dangerous animal in the zoo because of their human nature. He goes in detail on describing the cruelty and insanity of humans. Men don’t fully respect the animals, they use animals’ skins or fur/feathers for their own benefit, and they even attempt to steal and kill animals. Pi believes that humans are destructive.
7) What is even more dangerous in a zoo than “Man,” and how does Pi’s father teach this to
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Santosh Patel, Pi’s father, teaches his two sons, Pi and Ravi, a lesson they’ll never forget in where he instructs one of the workers to put a helpless goat in the tiger’s cage. He asks his two sons to watch as the tiger devours the goat and to inculcate in their minds that all animals are dangerous.
8) Even though Pi states that most animals are not apt to escape, there are always situations that will drive an animal to extremes. According to Pi, what things might drive some animals to seek new habitats outside of their enclosures?
There are some situations that will make the animals flee from their habitat. Pi explains some factors affecting their decision to stay. If the animals living condition are not met, they might seek new habitats. If the animals cannot to anything, they will also more likely move elsewhere where their needs can be met. Animals depend on the available resources in their surrounding and whether it suits their needs. If something lacks on their habitat, they might migrate to a different place in order to survive.
9) According to Pi, what is the best way to train a “mighty predator” like a

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